100 % PG Perfect Steam Base

The Perfect Steam bases combine the best ingredients on the market, and offers an excellent vapour / hit.

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BioBased Propylene Glycol

Have you ever heard of bio based pg or plant-based propylene glycol?  Probably not because until recently propylene glycol was only a by-product of the oil industry and derived solely from natural gas.  The good news is now botanically based pg propylene glycol is available and it is USP grade as well as Kosher certified.

Propylene Glycol is going GREEN! BioBased PG now available!

Propylene Glycol is used in many things including food, agriculture and as of late the new e-cigarettes and vapor markets.  Bio Based propylene glycol has GRAS status with the Food and Drug Administration which is the acronym for “generally recognized as safe.” The cost of bio based or plant-based propylene glycol is not any higher than oil derived propylene glycol.  So consider using botanically based PG as another way to go green all the way!

Labeling BioPropylene Glycol

The U.S Department of Agriculture is proposing a labeling system to help promote materials made with renewable sources such as plants and other bio-based materials.  The USDA wants to help consumers identify bio-based products to help with their buying choices.  This proposal stems from the 2002 Farm Bill which has expanded to help promote the purchase of bio-based products.

Can bio-based PG be called “Natural?”

ALthough bio-based PG comes from plants and not petrol it can be called “Bio-based” but it cannot be called “natural.”  This is because with any propylene glycol – there is one molecular change that affects whether a product is all natural or not.

Perfect Steam 100% Biobased Propylene Glycol

Most people do not know their PG [Propylene Glycol] comes from petroleum refining and overseas. Our plant based PG comes from plants and tastes much better than its petrol derived cousin. And it is USP Grade, Kosher and typically made in the United States.

How to Choose a Base

100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG): for beginners or vape enthusiasts! A 100% VG base is thick. You may run into problems with your atomizer/clearomizer clogging too quickly. The vapour is soft and luscious, the hit is masterful, and there is a hint of sweetness.

100% Propylene Glycol (PG): for lovers of different flavours! This base is the best conductor of flavour. It also promotes a pronounced hit, but produces little vapour. A 100% PG base is very liquid and can occasionally be a source of leaks in your system. The PG base can be dehydrating so we advise that you drink well to compensate.

70% PG – 30% VG: the most popular base! Most e-liquids use this base. The aim is to provide a 100% PG base with a little sweetness and better vapour production.

50% PG – 50% VG: a highly successful base! This aromatic base is an excellent compromise, producing a generous amount of vapour while remaining relatively soft. The “risk” is that it is slightly too thick for some systems.

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